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Take control of your computer’s camera output
Looking for a webcam tweak tool for Linux? Check out Cameractrls.
This free, open source utility gives you access to a wide range of webcam settings. The app is accessed though a lean, clean GTK GUI or, for those who prefer it t, a comprehensive command-line interface.
Something of simpler alternative to Guvcview (the ‘gold standard’ in open source webcam tools, imo), Cameractrls lets you configure almost every aspect of a webcam’s picture output, be it from a built-in potato cam or something fancier connected through USB.
Settings available include:
If you have a Logitech webcam you get access to additional controls, including crop, zoom, field-of-view, pan, tilt, and focus controls. The exact capabilities vary depending on the Logitech camera connected. The Logitech PTZ is supported, as are older devices like the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000.
Using a Razer Kiyo Pro? Firstly, I’m jealous; secondly, you get settings to adjust HDR, field-of-view, and autofocus.
Here are the controls available to me on my Chuwi AeroBook Pro’s (awful) built-in webcam:
The app includes a separate preview dialog so you can see how adjustments affect the webcam picture. This window isn’t enable by default. Click the ‘camera’ icon in the toolbar to open it. And FYI: you won’t be able to change capture settings when the preview window open.
I especially like that Cameractrls provides a quick ‘reset’ option for each setting type. This makes it easy to try out different settings and quickly “undo” changes you make, reverting to the standard out-of-the-box settings.
I can’t say I use webcams an awful lot these days. Video calls are less hassle to do over WhatsApp as my smartphone’s camera is better than the low-res potato cam my laptop got saddled with. Those who are more active with their webcam, thanks to Zoom or whatever, will likely find this especially useful.
You can grab source-code for Cameractrls from GitHub, fetch it from Flathub (recommended), or snag it through the Snap Store (courtesy of unofficial packaging by Canonical’s Graham Morrison).
h/t Pete – I’ve had a coffee now
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