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We function the first-rate Linux distros, to make it simple and smooth to locate the one you need, from beginners to superior customers.

Linux distros are available in all shapes and sizes. Literally. From miniscule ones that weigh in at simply over a hundred MB and can be lugged round in USB disks to 4GB behemoths that paintings great when mounted on transportable SSDs.

In addition to the pinnacle distros which can be designed to enchantment to a extensive wide variety of customers and may be tailor-made as in step with character requirements, there are an entire lot of specialized distros that are built for a particular reason. 

Migrating from Windows? There’s a distro that’ll ease the transition. A Windows replace messed up your boot loader? There’s a distro that’ll assist you restore it in a jiffy. Want to resurrect an antique laptop? Need to tie disks right into a NAS? Want to run a firewall that’ll defend your whole community? Are you putting in a small home workplace? 

No depend what your requirement, the various open supply community has a distro for you.

In this manual, we’ll have a look at a number of the first-rate Linux distros to be had in 2022. We explore the exceptional distros for a whole lot of use cases, searching comfy of use, size on disk, compatibility with the excellent Linux apps, and plenty more.

Here then are what we suppose are the first-rate Linux distros in 2022.

We’ve also featured the pleasant Linux training companies and on-line coursesThe best Linux distros of 2022 in full:

(Image credit: Nitrux)

Best Linux distro for beginners Reasons to shop for

Use of AppImagesReasons to avoid

If you’re simply taking your first steps in Linux, you must begin your journey with Nitrux. The distro leverages on a number of the most strong and nicely-respected open supply initiatives and builds on them to create a distro that suits the sensibilities of latest Linux customers.

For instance, in place of constructing a custom desktop surroundings from scratch, Nitrux is predicated on KDE Plasma’s famed malleability at the side of some redesigned additives to simplify the workflow for new users. It offers a couple of layouts for the computing device to permit customers to make first-rate use of the to be had screen actual property.

Nitrux has even customized some administration apps to make tasks along with firewall and backup approachable for inexperienced users. It ships with a healthful dose of apps for all types of computer obligations. 

The distro additionally helps and encourages the usage of AppImages, which makes it sincere to install additional apps. In reality, Nitrux plans to switch all its graphical apps to AppImages eventually. All the AppImages are launched in a firejail sandbox, which makes Nitrux greater steady out of the box than your ordinary desktop Linux. 

The distro has an energetic community that you may engage with on all the famous social networks. However, the shortage of a devoted documentation section is a downer. Nitrux is to be had for sixty four-bit computers simplest, however also can boot on older machines with the Legacy BIOS similarly to the more moderen EFI machines.

Looking for some thing initially? Here’s our listing of the pleasant Linux distros for novices.

(Image credit: Zorin OS)

Best Linux distro for Windows usersReasons to shop for

Tailored documentationReasons to avoid

Older computer systems will conflict to run some thing however the Lite version.

The Zorin OS task started out in 2008 with the only goal of making Linux person-friendly. Its builders wanted to make Linux on hand to everyday users and they did this by introducing familiarity in the consumer interface.

The distro pitches itself to first-time Linux customers which might be used to the approaches of popular proprietary running structures, namely Windows and macOS. It does so thanks to its custom Zorin Appearance app that tweaks Zorin’s Gnome computer environment to make it resemble Windows in both form and function.

Zorin is available in a couple of different variations. Three of those, particularly Core, Lite, and Education, are presented as loose downloads. Zorin is based totally on Ubuntu and the Core version is the same old version that consists of all the apps you’ll need in a normal desktop. 

If you have an older computer, you could use the Lite edition this is designed for underpowered machines. The Education edition is, as its name indicates, designed for getting to know and ships with all of the popular open supply educational apps and utilities. 

Besides these three there’s a fourth model called the Ultimate edition, which is currently to be had for $39. It includes support as well as some greater features, which includes the choice of the use of interfaces that mimic macOS and is chock-complete of all styles of apps and games.

Looking for more Windows-pleasant Linux options? Here are the high-quality Linux distros for Windows users

(Image credit score: System76)

Best Linux distro for gaming Reasons to shop for

Special photo for Nvidia customers+

Pop!_OS is evolved and maintained with the aid of hardware supplier System76, and besides being shipped on its personal hardware is likewise available as a loose down load. The distro has several thrilling features, which make it an interesting choice, mainly for game enthusiasts.

The distro is primarily based at the Ubuntu LTS release and sports its very own user interface over Gnome, referred to as Pop Shell. 

While there are numerous different gaming distros for Linux, what makes Pop!_OS particular is that it ships with all of the necessary plumbing for game enthusiasts. For example, its developers ensure that hybrid pics paintings perfectly on the platform. 

If you have a hybrid photographs card, the distro will provide you with the option to launch video games on the GPU in the context menu. You’ll additionally be capable of without problems toggle among battery-saving and high-powered snap shots.

There are more than one variations of Pop!_OS. Besides the standard edition, there’s one this is designed specifically for customers with Nvidia hardware and ships with the proprietary motive force for the hardware.

Pop!_OS also encrypts your installation with the aid of default and at the same time as it ships with minimal apps, you may flesh your installation the use of its custom intuitive app shop called Pop!_Shop, which in addition to the everyday desktop apps additionally consists of the likes of Steam, Lutris, and GameHub.

Want greater amusing from your Linux distro? We feature the first-class Linux distro for gaming.

(Image credit score: Kodachi)

Best Linux distro for privacy and security Reasons to buy

Kodachi is designed for everybody who cares about their privacy and desires a stable, anti-forensic, and anonymous distro. The brand new version of the distro is primarily based on Ubuntu and makes use of a customized Xfce laptop. 

Kodachi equips with all styles of security-centric and privacy-enhancing apps along side an entire lot of regular apps to enable you to use the distro as your daily driving force. Its custom computer is designed to be able to now not overwhelm first time customers and offers you access to all of the apps at the same time as nevertheless being intuitive. 

To ensure privateness, the distro routes all of the connections to the Internet thru a VPN (opens in new tab) before passing them to the Tor network. If you have the information you may without problems tweak its settings to connect thru your very own VPN carrier.

Similarly, to decorate your protection, Kodachi uses AppArmor to isolate apps. It additionally includes numerous privateness-protection gear which include VeraCrypt, zuluCrypt, KeePassXC, as well as the Metadata Anonymization Toolkit (MAT) for removing metadata records from files.

Its anti-forensics abilities are materialized with various tools such as one which’ll wipe the RAM. The distro additionally consists of an option to create a password that after entered will securely erase all contents of your encrypted Kodachi installation.

Want a extra secure distro? We featured the exceptional Linux distros for privacy and protection.

(Image credit: Rescatux)

Best Linux distro for repair and rescue Reasons to shop for

Designed for green users+

Lots of documentationReasons to keep away from

Experienced users may miss some gear

Whether you are going for walks a Linux or a Windows system, if you run into an error, probabilities are you may use Rescatux to get yourself out of the sticky scenario. 

With Rescatux you get all of the crucial and beneficial gear to fix numerous troubles with non-booting Linux and Windows installations. The distro makes use of the lightweight LXDE desktop which makes it usable even on underpowered machines. 

When it boots up, the distro robotically fires up its custom helper software called Rescapp. The app is intuitive to operate and makes the procedure of fixing mistakes handy even to green users. 

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