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A portal effect inspired by the terrifically over-the-top cartoon Ricky & Morty is the latest addition to the terrifically-over-the-top Burn My Windows extension.
As with other animations available through this add-on, you can assign the new portal effect to play when closing app windows and/or opening windows too:
You can also apply this (and any of the 17 other effects) to play when closing modal dialogs too.
While a few of Burn My Windows’ animations are limited to more recent versions of GNOME Shell, the Rick & Morty portal effect supports GNOME 3.36 and above. This means the effect is available to users of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, as well as the latest LTS and above.
Burn My Windows is a free, open-source extension for GNOME Shell and is available to install from the GNOME Extensions website. A number of the effects included in this add-on are available for KDE too (via the KDE Store).
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